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Asset Inspection

  • Inspection of elevated structures

  • Preventative maintenance 

  • Assess damage to structures

  • Reduce downtime of equipment

  • Collect and deliver precise data

  • On and offshore structures

  • Rapid information (e.g. serial #'s)

  • Some of the industries served:

    • Telecom Cell Towers

    • Wind Farms

    • Oil & Gas

    • Solar Farms

Image by Danny Lau
  • Topography

  • Contour Elevations

  • Alta-surveys

  • Volume Measurements

  • Site Development

  • Progression Monitoring

  • Utility Line Measurement

  • Railroad Track

  • Measurements

  Construction Services  

Search and Rescue

  • Locate missing persons and pets

  • Identify source hotspots in fires

  • Track exact position of assailants

  • Transmit video stream to tablets

  • Assess damage in danger zones

  • Ensure the safety of first responders

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